a Stamping with Amore Copy

flip top boxFlip Top Box

Designed by Stamping with Amore

3” x 11 ½” cardstock

On 11 ½ side score at ½”, 3 ¼”, 6” and 8 ¾”

Turn to short side and score at 1 ½”

Crease all score marks very well. On the side that has the small rectangles, you will need to cut 1 off up to the 1 ½” mark, cut up each remaining score marks to make bottom of box. Then on the small remaining rectangle place score tape to make it into the box shape. Place score tape on two of the bottom flaps to make box bottom. Place 3 strips of score tape across the bottom and in the middle strip place a piece of ribbon. Very gently place the box in the center of the top cover bottom then bring top up and tie ribbon to hold box shut.

The top will be made with a strip of cardstock 7 ¾” x 3 1/4” scored at 3 1/8” and 4 5/8” , cover this piece with a designer paper cut at 7 ½” x 3”, scored at 3” and 4 ½”, glued together. On one end you will take a 3 1/8” square and attach a 6-7” ribbon in the middle and then glue it to the inside of the top cover making sure the ribbon  is going away from the paper.

Love this crazy little box, I bet we have made at least a half dozen of these.

Come get creative and play!



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