3 Techniques class-Lovely as a Tree

What a better way to teach a class then with a classic stamp, Lovely as a Tree. It is one of the most poplar stamps and has been carried forward from Stampin’ Up for many a year. It is one of the most amazing stamps made. Can be used for any occasion!

Lovely as a Tree-plain

The first picture is showing the stamp just stamped on cardstock and made into a card. You will notice on all 3 pictures I used all the same papers, colors etc. for comparison.The second tree was done using the linen look. This done after you stamp an image and let it dry. You then take a glue stick and coat your image all over. Then you  take a wadded up piece of white tissue paper and place over image so it stays wrinkled but laying pretty flat.

Lovely as a Tree-linen

The third tree is using glitter and the dryer sheets. So beautiful when done.

Lovely as a Tree-dryer sheet

I don’t know how well the glitter shows when you click on the picture but it is gorgeous in real time. Again you wait till your image is dry and I use spray adhesive and a very well used dryer sheet that has been ironed out smooth. Spray your image and then layer your dryer sheet over it and cut around it and dip it into your dazzling diamond glitter. Tap off all access.

Fun way to learn 3 techniques using 1 stamp set. Be creative and have fun


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