Heat-Stick powder and napkins

birthday-heat and stick

I had not tried the napkin cards before and now look out another new fun technique.

You have to have heat and stick and diamond dust (SU brand naturally), paper napkins and double sided sticky paper.

One of the u tube videos that I watched for this technique the lady said she takes her 12 x 12 double sided paper and glues the one side to a 12 x 12 cardboard that comes in your designer paper packs. Make sure it is the side without the writing.

Cut a piece of the above card stock to the size of the area of the napkin you want to use. Very carefully peel your napkin to one layer. Then peel the back of the double sided cardstock off to expose the glue. Carefully place your napkin on this smoothing out the top surface. If you need to trim the napkin do so now.  You should now have the size ,shape and image you want.

Now take your versa mark and stamp all over the image covering well, carefully apply heat and stick powder all over, use heat gun to melt and then sprinkle your diamond dust over the top and run the heat gun over it again to melt the glitter down into the heat and stick.

Mount on your mats and finish your card!

Have fun stamping and playing!



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One Response to Heat-Stick powder and napkins

  1. gail etchie says:

    It was fun to lern this technique today! Thanks!

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