Oh, I love Sunday mornings. I drink a cup of coffee, then I get a second cup and go into my scrap room.

Yes I probably could spend my time doing other things but it wouldn’t be as much fun.  Today I took my scraps and made 2 sunburst or starburst cards. I have seen them called both.

I took a strip of scrap paper 2” inches wide and 4 1/8 ” long and covered it with my sunburst pieces. To make these use scraps 1 ½” by 4” then cut corner to opposite corner to get your triangle piece.  Lay out your pieces starting in the middle with 2 right angles, make sure you glue with the tip at the bottom off the paper and make sure you snug them up on the sides. From there keep placing another triangle next to the one you just glued down.  When finished trim off excess.

First card I took a black card base layered a 2 inch by 4 inch white piece about ¼ inch from right side of card and about ¾ inches from top of card. Wrap your ribbon around the edge of your sunburst card then glue to your card front on left side. Then I stamped my sentiment and placed on the card toward the middle and the card is opening from the right side long way.

For my second card I made my card with opening on the bottom. Place a layer of white cardstock on top of black card base. Place your sunburst at the top of card with your ribbon at the bottom. I then added my sentiment in the middle on the bottom.


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