Corner Flip card

corner flip

Oh, I love Sunday mornings. I drink a cup of coffee, then I get a second cup and go into my scrap room.

I was going thru some old U tube videos and ran across this lady that made a corner flip card, her site was called

But here is my take on her card.

Using a card base of crumb cake you fold your card and then on the top side of front, measure down about 5/8 of an inch from top and about 1” in from fold make a small mark. Draw a line down 3” and stop. From the right edge measure down 5/8” from top and ½” from side cut back towards first cut. This will give you a L shape cut that you can now flip over to make a 3 inch square. Layer a 2 ¾” designer paper and layer with 2 ½” white stamped image on top. Make sure the inside is covered with a piece of contrasting designer paper.

Simple but very effective.

My card is using the sweater weather designer papers and crumb cake cardstock.


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One Response to Corner Flip card

  1. It was a lot of fun learninfg how to make this card today. Thanks for a great day!

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